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midorisenzai's Journal

Midori Senzai
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In the land of make believe, fantasy, and damn pretty hosts there w--

Junior High School ended and the boys from each school went on their own paths. Some might have gone to High school, some might have taken a job straight away or some might have traveled to play tennis somewhere far away.

Regardless of what happened to them in the past years, something brought them back together again.

To Midori Senzai; a host club owned by a mysterious person, who has yet to reveal his or herself. This person is called the Garden Tender.

Midori Senzai is located in Tokyo. The whole six floor building is used for the club. Four elements make the floors unique and the night club will provide each and every one some fun time.

The club is dedicated to women's happiness. Any of the boys can be reserved to host you for the time you’re in the club. They can flirt with you, dance with you... the most daring ones may also do something more extreme. Anything is possible when it’s about bringing smiles to the princesses faces.

Step into the garden of pleasure and leave with a smile on your face.

Midori Senzai welcomes you every day to satisfy your needs.

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